Me Today

I think my new Jawbone makes me look like a spy.december 30 2008

Motionblur and I

This is Chris, aka Motionblur.  He is the founder of the ‘Toronto Exploration Society‘ and general good human; he helps me with having good Twitter manners, too.  Thanks, @motionblur.  december 29 2008

Sorry about your weird eyes here, I’m still learning Photoshop.


Just bought a BUCKET of flowers for $10. Told them it felt like I was stealing. Queen’s Quay Loblaws. You can even keep the bucket.december 28 2008

Ran Into an Old Friend Tonight

Hi Steve! december 27 2008

Me Today

december 27 2008


Just finished crawling around in my car taking photos of myself. That was weird, even for me.december 27 2008

Thanks, Brennen

december 27 2008

I Got a Jawbone for Xmas

From myself!  Setting it up right now.  It uses military technology.

december 26 2008

Happy Holidays!

From ‘The Canadian Explorer’!december 25 2008

Christmas Eve

I am loving the electricity in the air.  I just soaked up a bunch of it at the Eaton Centre while picking up some sparkly headbands for everyone to wear tomorrow.  

It completely infected me, and on my walk home I had ‘Girl Talk‘ blasting in my ears and was fist-pumping down Bay Street in the rain.december 24 2008