Movie Night

I went to the Revue Cinema to attend Mobifest, an annual competition of made-for-mobile movies.  Neat concept, my crap attention span liked the shortness of each, and I’m kicking myself for not entering.

Above is the brochure they give you at the door.  A giant “come on” escaped me when I read the bios on the judges… Johnny is the CBC guy who discovered me!  The guy is _everywhere_.november 19 2008


I finally pulled the trigger and joined the rest of the world and got… a smartphone.  Behold my new Bold.

That’s Sandra at the Rogers in ‘The PATH’, King and Bay Street, and she’s awesome.

Every month I take my cel bill to her which she re-adjusts and makes smaller.  And it’s quite difficult to trip her up, I’ve only been able to once… “well, Keri, you finally got me”, to which I lit up and punched her on the shoulder.november 18 2008

For the Past Three Days…

… I’ve been working at  ‘The Royal Winter Agricultural Fair‘ or, ‘The Royal’, at Exhibition Place.  This is its 86th year, 350 000 people visit over 2 weeks, and it’s the largest indoor agricultural fair and international equestrian competition in the world.

Sunday I was a “roamer”, meaning I walked around keeping an eye out.  I passed a little kid at one point, who looked up at me and breathed out in awe, “ohhh, security”.  Yesssss.  Here are some things I saw:november 18 2008

From left to right:

  • neat painting, eh?  It won an award, but I forgot to write down the artist.  Email me if you know them
  • weighing in at 77.8lbs, this is the new ‘Guinness Book of World Records’ biggest-ever Rutabaga! Congratulations, Norman Lee Craven from Cannington, Ontario!
  • this sculpture is made entirely of butter.  HOW did they transport that?
  • I am very sick

Then Monday and Tuesday I was guarding a set of doors while the exhibitors dismantled and shipped off.  Pretty quiet post so I was able to finish my latest book, “PSI Spies“.  I already believed before I read it, now, even more so.  And there’s a “central premonition registry” out there?  I’m joining.

A Collage from Work Today

I was stationed outside Alan Jackson‘s dressing room.  That’s the view from my chair, top left.  Guess that explains why I never saw the guy; he stayed on his $3 million dollar bus until show time.  I did meet some other band members though:

Them: Why are you sitting here?november 14 2008
Me: [completely straight-faced] I’m here to keep Alan safe.

Top right is my view of the stage.  You can’t really see him, but Trace Adkins‘ lead guitar player Brian Wooten is up there.  He gave me his guitar pick after his set and told me I “was his inspiration for the night”.

Then someone else gave me a “Local Crew” t-shirt but the thing is a tent on me.  Want it? Email me and tell me why and whomever has the best answer I’ll ship it to you.

Me Today

november 13 2008

Work Tonight at the ‘Kool Haus’

Loved this shift, love ‘Girl Talk‘.november 12 2008

This is his graphics guy Andrew, aka “Bad Brilliance“, who runs the giant video screens during the show.  Great costume, eh?  

At the end of the show, Gregg (Girl Talk) said a few words about fair use and copyrights to which the crowd went insane, more than any other moment in the show.

If I were to write a fan letter to ‘Girl Talk’ it would say this:

Gregg, I love ‘Feed the Animals’ so much I rarely listen to it. 

Me Today

november 12 2008

Love you, Veterans

Wish I could hug each one of you.november 11 2008

Ha, My New Sunglasses

I’m supposed to be spending this money on normal old prescription glasses, but boorrrring.  

I mean come on, it’s like I stumbled into a wormhole and brought back aviators from the future.november 10 2008

Went to See Jay of ‘Daily Planet’

He just published his 8th book, “Daily Planet Book of Cool Ideas” and gave a talk about it at First Canadian Place.  He’s an eloquent speaker I thought, and so did the masses of ladies there; ladies man!  

I mulled over and over if I should talk to him but decided not to in case he had no idea what I was talking about and I embarrassed him in front of his fans.  

OH… remember I told you I got a contract doing work for Discovery Channel?  It was designing a mobile broadcasting system for Jay here.  
I was also tasked to give my ideas and implementations on that sick new Microsoft Surface technology (they used one in the latest Bond film, 0:39).  I took that as “I will now write myself into every ‘Daily Planet’ episode using the thing”.november 10 2008