My Favorite Kreskin Book

Come on, even the title is killer: How to be a Fake Kreskin.

I’m secretly hoping that by me blogging about him he’ll somehow feel a pull and… be my friend.  november 29 2008

OMG I Just…

… found Kreskin on Twitter. I heart him. Drove 5 hours to see him last year and he blew my mind. Wish he was my friend.november 29 2008

I Love my Blackberry…

…so much it’s retarded.november 28 2008

This is the Scanner…

… I used to check in all the people to tonight’s concert.  It surprises me that it uses just an old Palm.  Tonight I said hello to 3400 people. No hyperbole, serious. And 90% of them said hello back.  Goodnight. november 27 2008

My First Climb Ever

Shot with my Bold; pretty good, eh?  november 26 2008

I’m at Joe Rockhead’s, Canada’s first indoor climbing gym.

Then Scott made me Dinner

But not the below Scott, another one.  The theme of today seems to be ‘Scott’.  

Check out his fridge, he uses a green light bulb inside: “See Keri? Everything looks so fresh.”

As is always, if someone cooks for me I do all the dishes (please invite me!).  So I washed his cast iron pots.  With soap.  And a steel wool brush.  Who knew you weren’t supposed to do that?  

While eating we were reminiscing about old Mac stuff… remember Myst?  ClarisWorks?  Dark Castle?  Jared?  Love Jared.november 25 2008

BlackBerry Conquered

Here’s Scott and I after 5 hours of doing just that.  If you look closely you can see how I Hackintoshed mine.  

And yes, we did use all that stuff in front of us.  I am completely overstimulated. november 25 2008

I Called to Close an Old Account…

… and ended up with a new friend.  november 24 2008

I switched banks when I moved here and finally tonight got around to shutting down my old one… then the customer service rep and I chatted for an hour (so Canadian eh?!).

I tried filming some of the conversation by holding up my headset to the microphone but it didn’t work.  Too bad, he would have made you laugh, too.

I came out with a page of notes (far right) of places to go and things to do where I might find like-minded people and good times.  I promised I wouldn’t say his name or the bank so [redacted], thanks!  I’m on it.

Me Tonight

The two of us on the right look evil huh… like we just roofied the guy in white and almost got caught.november 22 2008

Me Today

Check out my new coat; it’s an early Xmas present from my parents, good gift huh?!  I’ve wished for a Canada Goose for so long. Thanks, Mom and Dad!november 20 2008