This is Andy…

… my second oldest friend in the world, and recipient of my first ever quilt.october 30 2008

This is my Uniform

Aren’t my pants fantastic?

The manual that came with the job said “black dress pants” which I read as, “finally Keri, you have a reason to get a pair of those 5.11 Tactical Pants you’ve always wanted”.  

I got them at Gordon’s on Queen Street.  I removed the knee-pads though, to leave them in would be over-the-top.october 27 2008

Look, Dinosaurs

Haven’t seen these guys since a school trip here to the ROM forever ago.  They look the same, all 120 types of them.  They’re all a minimum of 65 million years old.  My brain can’t even compute that. Imagine the sound that was made when a pterodactyl flew by?

Also, a little sign said Northern Ontario used to be the stomping ground for actual wooley mammoths.  Nice, we’re gonna investigate that.october 25 2008

I Know I Need New Music

Same old songs for all my movies… tiresome, sorry.  Royalty-free music is not cheap, just saying.  So in the meantime, it’s off to, best site for classical, I think.  

BUT… I have an idea I’ll be ready to attempt to execute early in the new year.october 21 2008

Got My Haircut

Let it be known that Brennen here was the first one to jump aboard the Canadian Explorer sponsor train, and way back when at that.

Going to a Meeting

Putting the Finishing Touches…

… on ‘My Manifesto’.october 14 2008

I Got Dumped Today

By the production company I was with.  But dumped in the nicest way one can be.  

They didn’t have the in-house setup to deal with something like me, and they realized it’s doubtful they’d make much money off me either.  

I get it, no hard feelings; they were my favorite so far though.  I mean, that is now the 5th production outfit I’ve been through.

I’m done.  I’m going it alone. october 14 2008

Of Course I Voted

october 14 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Does it look like I know what I’m doing?  I don’t.october 13 2008