A Favorite Gas Station

It’s this Esso here on Lakeshore & Carlaw.  My routine is get gas, get Tim’s, get a car wash while eating Tim’s.  That’s the owner Saif, on the left.  Thanks for the car washes dude.

september 15 2008

Sometimes I Worry About This

You know how when you’re exchanging emails with someone and you get back a super-long response and you’re like, “oh dear, this is huge, they mustn’t have much to do and seem kinda lonley and forlorn” ?

Well that… but it’s just that I can type realllllllly fast. september 12 2008

Some Wounds

Some of the more colourful ones from my (half) summer of parkour:september 10 2008


What a Great Party Weekend

That is all.  september 7 2008

Book Shopping

I got it in my head that it’d be great to be a member of Mensa.

So I went to the World’s Biggest Bookstore (did you know they have over 20km of bookshelves?!) to gear up.  Who knows if I’ll actually follow through on this.  

I did score perfect on their online test.  They probably make it easy though, to suck in plebeians like me.  It’s working.september 4 2008

This is How I Look When I’m Thinking

september 3 2008
I’m rocking away at the Sheraton on Queen West; that waterfall is my view, pretty eh?  I quite like it here and often come sit with a coffee while I ruminate and mastermind.

Toronto’s New Crosswalk

september 2 2008
Started last week at Yonge and Dundas, this is the cities first “scramble intersection”.  You have 28 seconds to cross any-which-way you like when the little man lights up and this awful voice tells you to get moving.

It’s like that giant one in Tokyo you’ve seen in the movies a million times.  It’s wonderfully efficient.

Exploring the CNE

Oh yes let’s go to The Ex.  It’s Canada’s largest annual fair and the 4th largest in North America; 1.3 million people attend each year.

I’ve always wanted to work at a fair, in one of the game booths yelling at passerbys.  I think that during my cross-country trip I’ll be able to make that dream come alive.september 1 2008