Totally Forgot I Had This

Found it while cleaning this weekend.  It’s gotta be at least 5 years old; I don’t even know how I’d get the photos off of it anymore.  Including all the ones I took at the time, pretending I was a secret agent.  

“All right, got that photo of the bank vault, now…. to leave it on the watch’s harddrive.” september 29 2008

A Public Service Announcement from TCE

My Discovery guy is hosting a contest called “Film Snacks“. The challenge is to create a less-than-2-minute movie on the topic, ‘The Environment’.  

The winner gets a trip to Toronto and their movie screened at some big event.  This is my entry.september 28 2008


Fan Mail

september 26 2008

The Studio is Green

september 25 2008

Exploring Casa Loma

Instead of waiting at the mechanics I walked up to Casa Loma.  The place is fantastic, it was my first time ever there.september

In 1911 Sir Henry Pellatt (super rich Toronto guy) decided he would like to have a castle, so $3.5 million and 3 years later he had one.  He even had an electric car in his garage.  That’s puzzling.

The secret passageways were the best.  Lots of movies have been filmed here, including ‘X-Men’, ‘The Tuxedo’ and ‘The Love Guru’.

Had to Get an E-test

I found owner Jack of Eurospeed online at this car forum and he was great.  I mean, my car-ignorance is pretty apparent and it’d be easy to take advantage of that, but he didn’t.  

But wait, how do you know that Keri?  Well technically I don’t, it’s just a gut feeling.  Oh and I have two headlights again, too.september 24 2008

Love This Time of Year

september 23 2008

Pants Work Awesome

september 18 2008

Got Some Proper Pants Today

Last night there was a set of stairs, maybe 7 of them.  So I’m running my guts out when all of a sudden there are the stairs so I leap and I SWEAR time stops when I realize my right foot is twisted up in the left leg of my jogging pants.  

All in slow-motion, I untwist and release my foot just in time for me to hit the ground with both feet flat, I pitch forward while jackknifed and a giant “aaarrrrrgggghhhhhh” comes out of me and scares the cab drivers standing there, to which I then wave “hi hi!” and keep going.

So two things:
september 17 2008
1 – it is SO sick I can slow down time doing this stuff, and; 
2 – time to invest in a proper pair of pants.  No way will I get that lucky again, next time I’ll kneecap myself. 

So I got a pair that are tight around my shins and have a little pocket for my key so I no longer have to hide it in the bushes outside my place.

I’m Kinda Proud of Myself…

…regarding my new exercise regime.  I’ve been making it out for a run almost every night for 6 weeks and for rea enjoying it.

I run around the financial district for two reasons:

1 – I find it motivating, and; 
2 – there’s lots of stuff to climb up and jump off of  

Plus I get a kick out of seeing the streets get scrubbed because they actually do that around there, like with a mop and everything.  

Did you know 100 000 people come into and leave the area every weekday?  Ya woah, I know.september 15 2008