I Dreamed About this Place

I dream a LOT.  In colour.  Flying around.  Different languages.   Sets of recurring ones.  And as I passed this bar a very vivid dream from about 4 years ago came flooding back.  Then I peeked inside ‘The Reservoir Lounge‘.  

I don’t know what it all means, but one day I’m gonna throw myself a party and I think I’ll have it here. august 29 2008

This is the Best Thing For Sale I Saw

Wandered around the St. Lawrence Market.  For 205! years it’s been selling fresh food and things, and there’s even a guy there that offers 30+ different kinds of honey.  

It’s also the site of Toronto’s first ever City Hall, 1845-99.august 29 2008

Then a CBC Lunch

This is the best day. 

One of my bosses took me to lunch at Terroni.  Lots of jokes and a great debate about altering reality with your mind.

Afterward we went for walk down Queen Street and stopped to watch the filming of ‘Flashpoint‘.  My nose was all wrinkled up and I said, “Ugh, why would you even want all that stuff and people?  Look, everything for my show is here in my purse!”.

Then he wanted to check out the guitars at Steve’s, so in we went and on he rocked.august 26 2008  

Morning Coffee with Discovery Channel

We met at the Starbucks on Queen and John.  Jon’s an Executive Producer and their head web-guy.  I told him my plans for my trip, my show and we told jokes.august 26 2008

He also asked how I knew Alex, the guy who’d introduced us:

Jon: Did you used to work together? Or through an industry event?
Me: No, I met him at a party and took his money in poker.

Me Tonight

august 19 2008

These Photo-Overlay Things Still Kill Me

Weeeeeeee, I’m on a roller coaster!

august 12 2008

Pretty, eh?

Definitely using this transportation method during my trip.

august 10 2008

Coffee with Alex

I met him at Le Gourmand on Spadina.  I’m pretty sure it was delicious but really I was too excited to taste much.

He’s actually gonna email the head-web-guy over at Discovery introducing us, and he had with him a sheet of paper for me with the guy’s contact info so I could follow up.august 8 2008

My feet did not touch the ground after so I texted him that.

15/2 15/4 FTW

Played cribbage on a patio tonight.  When was the last time you played?  I know me too, forever.august 6 2008

Added To My “To Read” List

august 5 2008