Climbed on the ROM Tonight

You know, the ROM, and around UofT too, with my parkour pals. Wednesdays are motivating because the best guys come out who can do sweet moves.  

When I swung and leaped from scaffolding bar to bar I screeched “I did it!”.  I get so hyper doing this stuff.july 30 2008

Summer Parkour Meet

Here’s the group shot of the event hosted by pkTO.  They’ve been doing this for a few years, but this is the largest turn-out to date, making it Canada’s biggest ever parkour meet-up.

Some of the best traceur/euse in the country are here.  I was representing “worst ever” category.july 26 2008

A Beer on a Patio…

… on College Street while Eli, a good-advice-machine disguised as a human, dispensed tons of the stuff.  Thanks, dude.july 24 2008

Played “Chase” Today

I’m out with my parkour friend and we’re horsing around on a jungle gym in a park and he says,

“Okay Keri, get ready, I’m coming for you.  Start running.”july 22 2008

So I take off and I’m laughing but then he got all serious and aggressive on me:  

“MOVE IT, Keri…     it’s     your     LIFE!”.

If this happened for real I am seriously f**ked.

A Favorite Meal of Mine

I am absolutely addicted > California Sandwiches.

Exploring Graffiti

Meet Ensoe, one of Canada’s top graffiti artists… like top 3 top.  He’s from Vancouver and was here in Toronto for the annual ‘Style in Progress ’08‘ where ‘Graffiti Alley‘ off of Queen Street West is painted all black and then artists descend all over it with their art.

Also, this alley is where Rick Mercer does his rants each week in his show, ‘The Rick Mercer Report‘.  

How I Intend to Beat Facial Recognition Software

july 12 2008

The Batmobile Was Here

I’m walking down Queen Street when the Batmobile drives by.  My eyes got huge and must have looked like I was plugged into Toronto Hydro.  

It parked up beside MuchMusic and the Batcycle and I just stared and stared some more.  july 11 2008

I’ve never been into comics and superheroes, and it wasn’t until 2 summers ago when I saw “Batman Begins” that I actually liked one of them.  

It’s because he is human, but through sheer determination he becomes super-human… like, none of this “getting dunked in a vat of chemicals made me special” stuff.  That movie is motivating.

The Aforementioned Blisters

july 7 2008

Girls Parkour Meet – Day 2

We trained outside at Cloud Gardens.  We all have lots of blisters now.july 6 2008

The girl I’m chatting with is the top 3 best in Canada.  I won’t say her name because she’s gonna be all grrrr with me for saying that in the first place, but hey lady, the truth hurts.