My Little Brother’s a Big Golfer

He goes after work almost every day to “blow off steam”.  I followed him around for the 9 holes at The Marchwood and hit a couple to see if I could.  Yes I can, still don’t care.june 30 2008

Off to Ottawa

Going to visit my brother in Ottawa and do some filming on Canada Day.  I’ve only been there once for the celebration, many years ago.

I’d borrowed this guy’s bike to get downtown, but he’d lost his bike lock key so I had to drag it through the dense crowds.  So if you had your shins taken out by a pedal around this time, that would’ve been me and sorry about that.   june 30 2008

I’m LIVE on CBC!

Holy crap I can’t believe this is real.june 25 2008

Go here > then scroll down and look at the little boxes along the right hand side… click on my head and you’re in. 


Exploring Parkour

I’m with Dan Iaboni, the founder of Canada’s largest parkour community,  We’re at Cloud Gardens, a kinda hidden park in downtown Toronto.
Real brief, parkour is getting from point A to point B as efficiently as possible, as if you were in an emergency.
And yes, that’s actually David Belle, inventor of parkour, in MY video.  Dan has travelled with him and gave me the footage, saying “I’ve been holding onto this but you Keri, can have it”.  Sick, thanks Dan.june 6 2008
This is the second episode I made for CBC.