I’ve Started Doing Parkour

I found this group online, pkTO.ca and have been going to this gymnastics club on Saturday nights with them.  Not gonna lie, I’m finding it tough; what they call a warm-up I call a workout.

Did some filming tonight for the upcoming episode, “Exploring Parkour”.march 29 2008

You Know What I Just Realized?

Even if the subway exploration had’ve worked out I’d have learned nothing about the city, because I never would have popped up above ground.  Wow, Keri.march 26 2008

I Have Shin Spints

I am not used to walking so much.march 25 2008

Exploring the TTC

I got it in my head that a great way to learn the city would be to go to every subway stop that exists.  So I set out to do that.  And failed.  That thing is way bigger than I realized.march 23 2008
Needless to say not much came out of this exploration.  The only mildly interesting part is me driving out to Downsview Station to start the trek. So I took this footage and turned it into promos for my show, you know, that CBC could use.  They didn’t find them nearly as funny as I did. Okay they didn’t like them at all.
And just to say it, I’d never normally do my hair up so fancy to ride the subway.  I did, and wore white, figuring by the end I’d be all stringy and grey, thereby proving the passage of time. 

Me Today

march 21 2008

Look What I Got

It’s called a “microphone flag”, and the only one to be found was a sports one.  So I’m sitting at my desk covering the 2 sides with stickers, putting it all together and I say to my boss:

Me: This thing’s kinda budget eh?
Johnny: You’re putting it on a screwdriver.
Me: Ahahahaha.  Oh ya. march 20 2008

New Tooth Day

On Hallowe’en when I was 13 I watched my dog get hit by a car.  When I took off to go help him I tripped, smashed my face off my mom’s station wagon and removed half my front tooth.  My brother found the thing in the driveway later it was so big.  march 18 2008

For sure you’ll be able to see the difference in my footage… forever making today the “before & after” mark.

This is my dentist, Dr. Ansari, and she’s awesome. 

Me Today

march 17 2008
These are the gloves I bought while out filming “Exploring Streeters”.  I started to freeze shortly in and walked into the first store I saw, ClicKlak.  

But why would I buy fingerless gloves?  The truth is I didn’t notice until way later.  During filming I am completely oblivious to so much… I bet a fighter jet could buzz me and I’d not notice. 

Exploring Streeters

I thought I’d make an episode asking the citizens of Toronto to tell me what I should be exploring, and then go do whatever they told me to.  

If I do this again I’ll refine my question, it was too vague. And I’ll dress warmer, too.march 17 2008

I’m Off To A Cotillion

Nooo, I’m not.  Because I moved so quickly a bunch of my crap got chucked in my friend’s basement until I could come back and deal with it, which I did this weekend.  And I found this; it’s one of those Disney dresses.march 16 2008