Me Today

My first ‘Me Today’ photo in my new home.  And just like that I’m a City Girl.  

The walls seem good and thick here so that means I won’t have to wear my headphones while editing.  That may seem like a little thing, but it’s not.  february 24 2008

Moving Day

february 23 2008


Today I was hired by the CBC.

I am now part of the “Digital Programming Division” on a “developmental contract”, starting immediately.

Thank you Val, thank you Johnny.  

Best Valentine’s EVER.february 14 2008

I Met an Actual Producer Today

I suppose I’m a producer too, but this guy is for real one.  Like, he’s had his movies and shows aired on TV.  february 11 2008

It was a motivating meeting because… he wants to buy my show!  

He said he’d give me $20 000 in exchange for all the rights and whatever else you screw yourself over by giving away, and in return he’s gonna take me pitching in Toronto and get it on TV.  No thank you.

Spent the Weekend in Toronto

Stayed at a friends and toured around to the areas I think I’d like to live, based on my research.  I even found a real estate agent, too.  

I was sneaking in and out of buildings by tailing people who have keys and came out of one place when I saw a woman standing by the door holding a bunch of papers.

Me: Hi, are you a real estate agent?
Her: No. I’m waiting for one.february 3 2008
Her: If you like, I’ll say you’re an old friend and you can come with me.
Me: Really, you’d do that? Sick, yes!

And that’s how I met Rory.