Tremblant Cottage Party

My brother and I went together.  This is a classic Keri photo.

We skiied all day, my first time in many years.  Did okay, was taking jumps half way through which I think is a good sign.  And the party was SO fun.  

I even played poker.  Because I rarely play I always have to get someone to make me a little chart before we start, you know like “this is higher than this, and you’re aiming to get this”.  january 19 2008


With my second oldest friend in the world.  He gave me a hard time about my imagination getting away with me, and he’s right.january 15 2008

I Flew a Plane Today

This one:january 10 2008

To be clear I only steered the thing, so “flew a plane” is in the same way that a kid thinks he’s driving a car when he sits on his parents lap. Still though, I was in charge.  

We flew over the 1000 Islands and even into US airspace a couple times, which I got a real kick out of.

I went with Will, this is his hobby… by day he runs WillyDog, Canada’s premiere hotdog cart manufacturer.  If you’ve ever eaten street meat there’s a good chance it’s from one of his carts; this guy sells more of them than anyone in North America.

jPod Premiered Tonight

Watched it online, and it was outstanding.january 8 2008

Usually, okay every time,  I see a video adaption of a book I prefer the book; it just looks better in my head, you know?

But not this.  Unsurprisingly, jPod’s author Douglas Coupland is heavily involved.   I heart him SO much.  

When I was 16 I read ‘Shampoo Planet‘ and it changed everything.  It like, made me realize all I had to do was wait it out till it was time to be older and things would be just fine.  Maybe that sounds wacked, but it’s hard to type the feeling.

So I’ve Decided

Regardless if I get this CBC job or not, I’m gonna move myself to the big city.
january 5 2008
So I took the below photos to commemorate this resolution.