Me Today

october 30 2007

It Turns Out…

… there is a LOT more to making a show than just filming and editing; that accounts for max 30% of it all.  Wow I’m learning so much.october 28 2007

Me Today

october 24 2007

Met With

Their HQ is in San Francisco but they shipped out someone to Toronto to host a little meet-and-greet and invited people they would like to make videos for them.october 20 2007

I’ve never been in a room filled with film-makers before.  I still forget I’m one.  I was by far the un-coolest person there.  

From what I learned Current wouldn’t take on a full series like mine, instead they’d just do it on a one video by one video basis.  We’ll call this a good backup plan.

Exploring the Petroglyphs, Again

Round 2.  See the first attempt here.  october 19 2007

Me Today

october 18 2007

Exploring the CBC

october 16 2007

I’m here for my 3rd and biggest meeting to date.  I’m first meeting with Johnny then we’re going up to talk to Fred Fuchs, CBC’s head of Arts & Entertainment.october 16 2007

Exploring Canada’s Portrait Competition

Tonight I attended the gala opening of the Canadian Portrait Prize competition.  The 35+ entries were displayed at the Gananoque Firehouse Theatre and are there unti the end of the month.  What a portrait is defined as really surprised me… so varied.

Above is a screenshot from just before going in, asking the universe to get people to sign my release forms.  No go, no one would talk to me.october 4 2007