Happy Bday to Me

 september 25 2007

Me Today

september 24 2007

More On CBC

Even though Johnny is positive and motivated it seems it’s not as easy as it is in my head.  You know, a lot of red tape and other stuff that confuses me.

I had to sign a release form to keep this party going.  The 5th point basically states that even if CBC has something in the works today, or forever from now, that even remotely resembles my show they owe me nothing.  

I tried to have that amended but turns out that’s not possible. So begrudgingly I signed my name… using my worst signiture ever. september 21 2007

Exploring a Plowing Match

I’m at Canada’s largest outdoor agricultural exhibition, the International Plowing Match in Bruce County.  It’s a big deal, like, the PM was here earlier this week trying his hand at plowing furrows.  

This exploration didn’t work out since it wasn’t until I got there and was surrounded by logos of companies who’ve never heard of me did I realize I was totally effed.   september 20 2007

I Met With CBC Today!

I was early so I was exploring around the building and going down the escalator and Johnny, the guy who emailed me, was going up when he recognized me, ha, serendipity.  

We walked down the street for a coffee, got along real well, and I’m not gonna be able to stop smiling for a long time.september 18 2007

Me Today

Taken just before I went for a very very long walk to cool off.  

It takes a lot to make me angry but this douche of a human really went for it.  Congratulations f**ktard, and way to ruin something I loved.  september 14 2007

Look At My Latest Invention

I duct-taped my mircophone to a screwdriver.september 12 2007

Me Today

september 9 2007


Okay september 8 2007

At the beginning of July I created a Yahoo email and put it in my intro. Then for weeks I checked it everyday but never once did anyone ever write me and so I stopped checking and forgot all about it until tonight.

I opened it up and found 2 emails; the first was from Current.com asking me to call them, and the second was from CBC asking me to call them too!!!

I am out-of-breath from jumping up and down screaming.

Exploring Niagara Falls

I met Tony and Hector there, my BFFs from South Beach, to party and take in an Ann-Margret show. 

We were mesmerized by the Falls, the most powerful waterfall in North America, and even they had to admit the Canadian side trumped the American one.  We Journeyed Behind the Falls and rode the Maid of the Mist.

I love this place, the kitschiness really does it for me.  We went on a giant ferris wheel, bought tacky souvenirs, lost money at the casino, and toured a haunted house.  

Those things are terrifying (except when Hector lost his sandal; we collapsed in giggles and the scary guy came out of character to help us find it).