Exploring Duck Decoys

Meet John McCafferty, the Ward World Champion of Duck Decoy Carving.  His focus and drive are motivating.august 27 2007

Me Today

This could be my all-time-favorite photo of myself.august 25 2007

Exploring a Recycling Plant

I’m at Kimco, a premiere recycling facility which the Canadian Recycling Association has awarded “The Most Outstanding Recycling Operation in Canada”.  The place is like ‘Giant Land’ in Super Mario 3.  
See that thing in the top photo?  That’s their brand-new, only-a-few-in-the-world-exist shredder.  A car goes in one end and then, with zero human help, gets separated into its parts (plastic / carpet / glass, etc). We’re gonna come back to see that.  And to weigh the studio, just for fun.august 21 2007

I know this sounds unthinkable, but I did not see the nightmare audio coming; most of the footage is un-useable.  Plus when I filmed this I hadn’t slept in 2 days so I’m more retarded than usual.  And what was I thinking wearing a black turtleneck?  Check out my disembodied-head look.

Me Today

august 20 2007

Exploring a Hell Hole

Not far from Centerville are the Hell Holes Nature Trails and Caves. You descend 25 feet into a giant, naturally formed cave that scares the crap out of you when you realize you’re all alone and haven’t seen anyone else outside anywhere.august 16 2007

After that there’s a 3.2km walk through different kinds of nature (hills, swamp, plain-y area) to return to your car, which I did not do well at because I’m not good at nature.

Me Today

august 14 2007

Exploring the Petroglyphs

Located in a forest not far from Peterborough, the Petroglyphs Provincial Park is one of Canada’s sacred sites. A petroglyph is a carving in a rock, usually a symbol or picture, that dates back a long time ago, in this case 600 – 1100 years.     august 10 2007 

PS – Just to say it, there is nothing I like about this episode, but according to the rules of my show I have to put it up.

Me Today

august 7 2007

Exploring Deep Space

My first exploration!

We’re at the Queen’s Observatory with Terry Bridges who is in charge of it all, and Hank Bartlett, the Past President of the ‘Royal Astronomical Society of Canada‘, Kingston Chapter.  Sorry for the poor audio; filming in a tinny parabolic dome is tough.august 2 2007

My Desk Just Broke

The leg snapped and everything started to slide right.  Luckily I was home to catch it and shove a chair under the edge.  Wait, these days I’m always home.  

I think the universe is telling me to “break a leg” because today I’m putting online my first episode ever.august 2 2007