Intro to ‘The Canadian Explorer’

july 27 2007

Hey Tim from Applecare, Thanks

I call Applecare a lot, you know, for Mac help.  And when I called weeks ago Tim from California was on the other end. july 24 2007

The guy spent an hour and a half answering my sheet of questions, guided me through Final Cut (hello keyframing), and taught me that Streamclip is the way to go.  Without his help it would’ve taken me forever to figure this stuff out.

And until tonight I didn’t realize how rare Tim is… because the guy I just had on the line said, “Keri, this is not a Final Cut hotline” and hung up.

Me Today

july 22 2007

Just Booked my 1st Exploration

We will be going to explore deep space and look through a giant telescope.

I was so nervous to ask… I read in the paper there was an open house at Queen’s Observatory so I showed up and asked the guy in charge if he “would like to be in an episode of my show, ‘The Canadian Explorer'”.

It felt so weird to say that last sentence aloud.july 19 2007

Me Today

july 18 2007

37 Hours

That’s what I just edited for.  Straight.  Final Cut started doing weird things at the end so I shut it down, propped it up on a book and directed my fan on it.  

I     AM     A     MACHINE.july 16 2007

[and collapses]

Final Cut is Making Me Nuts

july 15 2007

Me Today

I’m editing.  I wear headphones because the walls in my place are paper thin, and I don’t want to annoy the neighbors while I listen to the same thing over and over and over and man, it annoys me a bit.  

july 14 2007

Filmed My Intro

I’m singing my self-composed theme song on top of my car.  Here are some screenshots.  july 13 2007

Me Today

july 11 2007